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Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the best prices on prescription medications in the area through our free to join "Local Pharmer's Club".

  • We accept any valid prescription from any licensed prescriber, nationwide.

  • We provide world-class customer service with minimal wait times.



For transfers from another pharmacy to us, please give us a call to request the transfer and we will call your previous pharmacy. 

For refills, click the button above or download our app "RxLocal."  With the app, you can also use a HIPPA compliant chat to text the pharmacy anytime!


MedsOnCue is a free service that we offer to all of our patients.  It replaces paper medicaiton guides with a QR code that is on your prescription vial.  Once scanned via the camera application on most smartphones/devices, it opens up a informative video about your medication and its side effects.  It also provides links to other important information as well as a button you can click on to connect you directly to the pharmacy!

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